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Courses / Workshops 2012

2-Year Diploma course
Year One starting
29 September 2013
Elysium, School
Year Two starting
27 October 2013

Adult learning

Introductory Workshop
21 March2013
3 August 2013
Adult Learning
Elysium School
Intermediate - 3 days
accredited course
18 May; 22 June and
20 July 2013
OR 28 September; 9 November and 7 December 2013
Adult Learning
Elysium School
Follow up Advanced Intermediate workshop
21 July 2013
Elysium School
Introduction to Reiki
9 July 2013
Little Stannion WI
Reiki One
8/15 June 2013
14/15 September 2013
Adult Learning
Reiki Two
23/30 November 2013
Adult Learning
Reiki Three (part one)
Reiki Three (part two)

21 September 2013
2 November 2013

Adult Learning
Crystal Reiki 9 June 2013
16 November 2013
Elysium School
Adult Learning
Angel Workshop
17 November 2013
Elysium School
Sacred Geometry
7 July 2013
Elysium School
Sea Shell Healing
23 June 2013
Elysium School
(A Sound Reiki course)
Introduction workshop -
1 March 2014
Adult Learning
Introduction to Lava
Shell massage new
6 July 2013
Adult Learning
Shamanic Crystals
Elysium School
Student Shares
Last Wednesday
of each month
7.30 - 9 pm
Elysium School

If you are interested in any of the above courses, please contact Patricia at Elysium School on 01933 673543 or patricia@elysiumtherapy.wanadoo.co.uk for prices and a registration form.

All of the above courses are CPD certificated and some are accredited by
Complementary Therapy Association (CThA) for qualified therapists.
Please contact Patricia for clarification.

Students' course materials are provided.

May 2013

Patricia is now trained in
Lava Shells with Glacial Shells

Insight magazine's top
Natural Health
Recommendation for 2011!

With such a diverse range of professional courses on offer and a friendly and approachable manner to her teaching, Insight has chosen Patricia Smart and the Elysium School of Complementary Therapy to become our top recommendation for Natural Health in 2011!

Editor, Nikki Boyd, told us why this particular school had been chosen…

“When we discovered exactly what Elysium School of Complementary Therapy offered, we were immediately impressed with their range and professional expertise. Not only do they offer courses which will eventually allow the student to become competent in their chosen speciality, but it will give many the opportunities to help others, providing quality services that will no doubt be much appreciated!

This is why Insight would like to present the Elysium School with our Certificate of Excellence for Natural Health 2011!”
Extract from the January 2011 edition of Insight magazine